Soli Deo Gloria

Month: August 2020

The Repercussions of Lying

I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life and it has been quite a thought-provoking and dense read. He provides a very idiosyncratic but yet quite refreshing view on life, so I’ll be providing my scattered thoughts as to what I think of some of the rules. It won’t be in any order for the rules that I’ll talk about, and my thoughts will be all over the place, but here we go.

Maiden Voyage Through Scripture

This page of the Bible will always be very special to me, because this was the page that I finally started and also finished the Bible from cover to cover. As this will be the first post that I will be making, I deemed that it would be appropriate to share something that was also a first for me, about two months ago on Monday the 8th of June this year.

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