Werribee Gorge State Park

The clock on the exam timer webpage indicated 10 minutes left for the exam. After 3 hours and 35 minutes, my concentration was seeping away despite having two coffees before the exam. Part of me wishes to give up, to stop pushing my wearied body and mind. The other part of me was whispering to myself: “You’ve already gone this far. Give it your all, there is only 10 minutes to go. Make the past year of studying worthwhile.” With the questions already completed, I continue to proofread as fast as I could, fixing what grammar mistakes I could find. Before I knew it, the 5-minute mark arrived. Being an online exam, I converted the Word Document into a pdf format and submitted it to the platform. 2:42 pm, the clock read 3 minutes left. I refused to concede. I proceeded to download the document multiple times from the platform to ensure that the correct document has been uploaded, skimming a few times to check if I have answered all the questions. As 2:44pm came, I thought to myself that there was nothing I could do. Yet I still kept checking. The clock struck 2:45pm, signalling the end. The adrenaline rush was at its peak.