Soli Deo Gloria

Month: April 2022

The Future Self

Photo Creds: Hakon Grimstad

The only constant in life is change.


Over the past two decades of my life, I have noticed much change as I continue to progress over life’s various stages. From my childhood to teenage years, and now being on the cusp of young adulthood, many opportunities have been taken or let go, of which the amalgamation of my choices has resulted in continuous change in my life’s trajectory from one destination to another.


Animenz – a classically trained anime pianist

In life, we may come across a myriad of experiences that inspire us. It may be a poignant story in a movie, a mind-blowing book, or even a heart-wrenching piece of music. It may be a breath-taking marvel of nature, an individual’s noble actions in a situation, or even a blog that you follow. In some enigmatic way, these characters, moments, and people lead to a shift in our perception of the world, of which our psyche bubbles with new possibilities. In and of itself, inspiration cannot be a bad thing – I don’t think we’ve ever heard of someone being too inspired. 99% of the time, however, it is more so that we feel a pervading apathy from the monotony of daily living.

Tale of Two Camps

Anglesea Beach

I’ve never gone on two camps, two weekends in a row ever in my life. Before doing this I thought to myself that this would be quite the painful experience, and that it would push the boundaries of my limits for social interaction. Now being on the other side, a week out, I somewhat still feel I am recovering from the social exhaustion, scrambling to pick up what energy I had to continue with university work. Despite the tiredness, it was insightful and fulfilling nonetheless.

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