Soli Deo Gloria

Month: February 2022

Hiking, Friendships, Culture

The crushing of gravel by feet, the whispering of the trees. The caressing of the sun on your cheeks, the warm hug of semi-humid air. The ambient laughing of a kookaburra, the cheerful exhilaration of pleasant company. A 60-degree incline loomed ahead of me, in which each foot rhythmically planted into each crevice of the rocky wall, accompanied by regular panting. As I turned back, the scintillating landscape of Melbourne lay before my eyes. Despite physically being out of breath, it was emotionally breathtaking. A luscious carpet of greenery rolled into the horizon. Skyscrapers of the Central Business District seemed to grab at the sky, accompanied by the vastness of the adjacent Port Phillip bay. Captured in this view, lay the bustling livelihoods of 5 million people. The heartbeat of Melbourne portrayed in a snapshot of time.


Photo Creds: Leah Wilson

About 1 and a half months have passed since writing the last post – however, it was not unwarranted. I had caught the all too notorious COVID-19 in the mid of January, and I, unfortunately, have injured my hands during semester two of last year as I typed too much. During this time, I’ve never felt so powerless and weak in my life. A deep-seated malaise and exhaustion seemed to discolour reality. Isolation in my room for seven days felt like imprisonment, in which any youthful vigour that I had was replaced by the fatigue of the virus. Yet, the feeling of lethargy constantly dragged me to sleep, in which I would sometimes nap twice during the days of isolation. Hence, the days consist of napping, waking up feeling groggy, napping, watching a movie, then returning to sleep for the day.

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