Soli Deo Gloria

Month: July 2021

The Famous 21

Photo Creds: Markus Spiske

As each year passes, every additional year that we experience becomes a smaller and smaller proportion of our entire life. Although birthdays are a cause for celebration, birthdays also serve as conscious reminders that time is indeed passing. These landmarks that populate our year – and largely our lives – should allow us to reflect and take stock of how we are growing, learning, and maturing to be better versions of ourselves.

Hedonic Treadmill

Photo Creds: Sven Mieke

Imagine your family buys a new car. It is pristinely new and scintillating in the bright light of day. Equipped with many new bells and whistles in which technology has improved drastically, it is much the upgrade. Because it is new, you don’t want to get it dirty. You drive it carefully. This works for a few days, but how about a few weeks, or even a few months? You’ve gotten used to it, where you are more or less at the same level of happiness before getting the new car.


Photo creds: Joel Fulgencio (Unsplash)

As humans, we tend to be self-centered creatures. If this statement does not seem valid to us at first glance, an important question to ask is what proportion of our thoughts involve us compared to others? I would argue that it would be the vast majority of them.

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