Soli Deo Gloria

Month: April 2021

Books vs Audiobooks

Having spent a good year listening to audiobooks, I thought it may be a good time to observe its utility for me over the past year, especially if there is a clear cut option that suits me? Note that this is purely an anecdotal standpoint, and what works for me would not work for you as everyone will have their own style and habits of reading. So here we go.

Reflecting for A Marinated Life

What is the point of life if it goes so fast and you don’t have enough time to reflect and learn the lessons from it? If you have so many things going on and everything is a blur, a deep-seated irony is that it feels like nothing has happened at all.

On Camps

Sunrise of Anglesea Beach

Having gone on a Christian Union camp last week, I had come to this profound realisation that camps are pretty awesome.

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